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The Original MoonShine Show Car Duster Set


  • These MoonShine Lambs wool dusters are so useful and well made - we believe they are the best car dusters on the market; I know you are going to want both the interior and the exterior Lami Show Car Dusters, and at a discounted kit price it’s only smart to purchase both. If you buy just one or the other, I do believe you will be back for the other. These Car Dusters make great gifts. Lamis are unique, useful and far safer to use on your cars paint than traditional dusters. If you find these Lamis great on your car, you should try them inside your home, they are unbeatable home dusters.

    MoonShine Lamis are NOT made in China!

  • Lami’s are the perfect duster for car shows, where light duty--finesse dusting is all that is required.

    Unlike other dusters, Lami’s won’t leave an oily wax residue when used over hot paint. Grade A lambswool attracts dust naturally with its soft open fibers. Very Gently with little to no pressure, wave the duster over your vehicle while slowly twisting the handle in the direction of movement to pick up light dust, much like a street sweeper. Applying pressure is not necessary or advised. Lami’s prefer a light touch.  When the wool fibers fill with dust, simply clasp the handle between your hands and spin to remove the lose dust. When the Lami becomes darkened with road grim, it’s time to give her a bath.

  • Washing Instructions:

  • Fill two five gallon buckets with cold water. One to clean, one to rinse.

    In one five-gallon bucket, hand wash in cold water and Woolite® Never ever in hot water!

    To clean, spin the handle between your hands in the solution and also move the duster up and down. You will notice the dirt and oils will go to the side of the bucket.

    When you feel that the Lami is clean, place the Lami in the other bucket with only cold water and rinse in the same manner you used to clean it.

    To dry the Lami, again clasp the Lami handle between your two hands hand spin, and spin some more to disperse the water from the Lami. Then hang the Lami in your garage out of sunlight to air dry. When almost dry, spin again. Never induce drying by any other means.

    When completely dry, for best results, fluff the fibers with a ladies teasing comb.

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