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MoonShine BULLETT PROOF One Gallon Refill


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MoonShine BULLETT PROOF is an incredibly long lasting and extremely easy to use total vehicle protection spray and wipe Polymer Sealant that truly delivers superior results.  Two applications of BULLETT PROOF to the entire exterior will easily provide ten to twelve months or longer of protection against the elements, while continuing to bead water and shine like the sun.

Best uses for MoonShine BULLETT PROOF are: Daily drivers, Pickup Trucks, Boats, Motor Homes, Trailers, and RV’s of any kind. In short, BULLETT PROOF has no equal in its field. BULLETT PROOF is the perfect product for anything big that you don’t have the time or desire to maintain on a more frequent schedule.

MoonShine BULLETT PROOF is the Best Sealant you can use on paint, chrome, polished aluminum, stainless steel and plastics. Use Bullett Proof on all your black plastics just as you would the paint work to keep it black and new in appearance. 

Use two applications after polishing your aluminum wheels to prevent tarnishing for one year. 

  • So, easy to apply, spray wipe and lightly buff
  • Tough as nails Polymer lasts and lasts
  • Apply to all exterior materials for total protection
  • Plastics of any kind, once treated will keep its original color and look
  • You just will not find an easier to use, longer lasting product 

For best performance of all MoonShine Products, please store at room temperature.

You save 27% - $64.78   when you purchase this product by the gallon over eight spray bottles at $30. ea

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