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MoonShine Zoom Waterless Wash & Shine 16oz


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  • MoonShine Zoom is a ready to use, efficient but Safe, Spray Waterless Wash with Shine-Boosting Polymers and wax! There are times when giving your vehicle a full bath is not needed, nor desirable, or maybe you are on tour and water is not available. MoonShine’s 007 Detail Spray is ideal for a light film of dust and finger prints, but when conditions exceed that, but less than mud and grim, MoonShine ZOOM is the perfect solution for those moderately dirty conditions.

    MoonShine ZOOM uses Special emulsifiers, lubricants and wetting agents to gently soften and encapsulate the grim while providing a highly lubricated surface to minimize inducing marring and swirls.

    Wash your vehicle in fifteen minutes or less as often as like and elevate the Shine at the same time. ZOOM is Wax and Sealant friendly and will actually extend the life of both.

    Safely use MoonShine Zoom on all paint, chrome, stainless, plastics, aluminum and glass preferably in the shade, but can be used in full sun without high temps. Uses include: cars, trucks, Motor Homes, Trailers, Boats and all Big Boys Toys.

    For best performance of all MoonShine products, please store at room temperature

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    A great product works best when used correctly. Failure to follow these instructions may result in unsatisfactory results.

    • Shake contents well before using.
    • Start at the top and work down. Do lower portions last as they will be the dirtiest.
    • Use more liberally on paint than on glass, Wiping in back and forth motions only.
    • Turn towel frequently so you are always working with a dry and clean towel.
    • When you towel is damp and shows surface dirt, replace it with a fresh one.
    • Best towels to use are ShineMaker Waffle Weave or Extra Plush Gold.
    • Boat owners: ZOOM is also great for wiping down your boat after a day on the water to remove water spots and grim while adding a boat load of shine.

    For best performance of all MoonShine products, please store at room temperature.

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