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MoonShine Tire Dressing 16oz


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  • MoonShine Tire Dressing is a rich, long lasting, water-based tire dressing that will condition, revitalize and protect rubber, leaving your rubber with a color enhancing satin finish, much like brand new rubber. In addition, a UV sunscreen and an anti-static additive is added to reduce the attraction of dust and pollen. MoonShine Tire Dressing will not sling onto your fenders or wheel wells or pick up dirt and dust because it dries completely without an oily or greasy film. Durability will vary based on climate and driving conditions. In most cases, expect three and even four weeks, of rich black rubber.   

     NOTE: This product is NOT intended for use on interior plastics, interior vinyl or vinyl roofs. For this application, look instead at MoonShine V-P-R

    • Water based
    • Satin finish
    • Dries dry to the touch
    • Non-sling
    • UV sunscreen and anti-static agents
    • Long lasting
    • What more shine, just add more applications

     For best performance of all MoonShine Products, store at room temperature

     You save 42% - $43.93 when you purchase this product by the gallon         


    A great product works best when used correctly. Failure to follow these instructions may result in unsatisfactory results.

    1. Start by cleaning your tires with MoonShine Tire & Wheel Cleaner. Clean rubber provides a foundation for the best look and makes the tire dressing last longer.
    2. Spray Tire dressing on our gray foam applicator pad and apply a thin coat to the perimeter of the tire working into the wheel. Don't waste your product; a little goes along way. Three to four sprays on the applicator pad will do one large SUV tire. 
    3. Let the Dressing dry approximately 3-5 minutes and buff off excess with an old towel.
    4. One light application will provide you a rich, satiny semi-gloss finish. For a higher level of sheen, wait 10 minutes then apply another coat. Repeat until you have achieved your desired level of gloss.
    5. For a finish that will last for weeks, let tire dressing cure for approximately one half hour before driving. 

    • To extend the life of the applicators, wash them in Dawn dishwashing soap after each use, then rinse thoroughly and let air dry.

    For best performance of all MoonShine Products, store at room temperature

    You save 33% - $34. When you purchase this product by the gallon.

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