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MoonShine Slick and Quick Carnauba Spray Wax


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  • MoonShine Slick & Quick Carnauba Wax is the fastest and easiest way to wax your car with superior results. Best used right after a thorough washing as a stand-alone wax, but can be used in between washes to brighten up your past efforts. One application will leave surface finishes buttery soft with a high gloss shine that will last several weeks. Fortified with real Carnauba Wax, use Slick & Quick over MoonShine Carnauba Wax or Sealant to greatly extend its life and add gloss, reflectivity and smoothness between washes.  Use Slick & Quick on paint, chrome, aluminum and smooth plastics. Does not stain or turn most plastics and rubbers white. Slick & Quick contains light fillers to help hide minor swirls. Not recommended for use on glass.

    For best performance of all MoonShine products, please store at room temperature

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    A great product works best when used correctly. Failure to follow these instructions may result in unsatisfactory results.

    1. Shake well before using and during usage.
    2. Slick & Quick performs best when used in the shade and on cool clean finishes with reasonably good paint. NOTE: Slick & Quick does not like to be used in the direct sun when your paint is hot, especially on dark colors.
    3. For best results, use a folded, high quality medium nap Microfiber to apply and buff (quality of towel does make a difference).
    4. Spray a modest amount of Slick & Quick directly to the surfaces to be treated.
    5. Using long sweeping strokes to spread Slick & Quick out evenly in back and forth motions the length of the car until dry, working one panel at a time. (much like a Quick Detailer)
    6. Follow with a dry Microfiber buffing towel and buff to a high luster in back and forth motions. Never in circles.
    7. If streaking or smearing occurs, your towel is mostly likely too wet, your paint was too dirty or too hot or the humidity is too high.
    8. Multiple applications will provide additional depth, gloss, reflectivity, durability and slickness.

    Tips & Tricks

    The first two steps below are not a requirement. Use them if you wish to achieve superior results.

    • For Better results, first clay your car before applying MoonShine Slick & Quick Carnauba Wax and once per year thereafter.
    • To achieve the very Best results, Clay then use MoonShine Pre-Wax Cleanser once per year and then regularly apply MoonShine Slick & Quick Carnauba Wax.
    • Use Slick & Quick after each wash to keep your car smooth as velvet and bright as the sun.

    For best performance of all MoonShine products, please store at room temperature

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