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MoonShine Glass Cleaning Glass Wipes (3pk)


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    • Streak Free Glass? Use MoonShine Glass Cleaning Wipes and you can have unbelievably clean, STREAK FREE glass with very little effort. I would not risk MoonShine's reputation on this product if my claims of this fabulous product were not true.

      Throw away you’re glass cleaning chemicals, paper towels and lint leaving Microfiber towels, newspapers, baby diapers along with countless other materials I have heard about through the years.

      We all know how incredibly challenging glass cleaning is. The one question I receive the most from every car owner is:

       “Do you have anything that will truly clean my glass? I am so tired of trying to eliminate the streaks, and vinyl off gassing from my glass. I have tried everything under the sun and nothing works.” My answer now is a very confident yes!

      The MoonShine Glass Wipes (3pk) are so dead on efficient and easy to use, I know that after you use these towels you most certainly will put the glass cleaning chemicals to the back of the storage shelf.

      Made of a unique filament type fiber that can be washed in your washing machine with bleach and air died, these 16” x 16” towels will last for years if properly cared for. 

    • Glass wipes have proven themselves so reliably good that I not longer produce a glass cleaning chemical.

      But don't take my word for it, You gotta try em, I am confident you will love them!

    • NOTE: Due to system constraints, if you are ordering just Glass Wipes, call your order in to 520-577-1034. Up to three packages for $4.50. Five or more packages will receive Free shipping.


  • Simply stated, these little towels are the best for cleaning glass you can buy, IF used as instructed below. 

    Thoroughly wet the towel with tap water, wring it tight, then wring it really tight, and go clean some glass cleaner and easier than you ever have.  Glass wipes will remove film, oil, grease, finger prints, dust, road grime, soap scum, and BUGS! Yes you can clean your bug laden windshield after a long road trip with just tap water and a MoonShine Glass Wipe. NOTE: These cloths perform best when they are only damp i.e. just short of dry. I sometimes wet and ring the towels and then leave them hung on a hook for a little while to get them even just a bit drier. Here's a tip from a customer who lives in an area with high humidity: using a spray bottle of fresh water, slightly mist a dry towel, then put it to work. It is very important to remember that in part, these towels perform so great without streaking because of the lack of chemicals, therefore a thorough rinsing after laundering is essential. Left over in-bedded laundry detergent equals streaks.

    When you first open your 3 PK of MoonShine Glass Wipes the towels will feel a bit stiff, but you can be assured that after a few washing's they become very soft and they will last for years if properly cared for. Experiment a little with these towels and you will find many, many uses around the home, office and garage. Consider the cash you will save by not having to buy all those glass cleaning chemicals and paper towels. 

    Washing Instructions: Machine wash with liquid detergent and bleach. Air dry only. No fabric softeners or drying sheets. AGAIN: rinsing is very important!

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