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MoonShine Engine Cleaner and Degreaser


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    MoonShine Complete Engine Cleaner & Degreaser is a fast acting, yet a safe degreaser that is also biodegradable. Safe for use on under the hood plastics, rubber, chrome, and painted surfaces. Simply apply, let the chemical work, rinse with a garden hose  nozzle and wipe dry to prevent water spots. Cleaning your engine bay could not get any easier. Use this product for all your exterior degreasing needs, including the engine bay, undercarriage, exhaust tips, suspension parts, door hinges, garage floors, work tables and anywhere you find a need for a really thorough degreasing that can be washed off with fresh water. This product may be diluted for use on more sensitive exterior surfaces.

    • A safe fast acting degreaser for all materials under the hood
    • Simply spray on, let set, and wash off with a garden hose and nozzle
    • A fabulous multi-purpose cleaner for all your exterior degreasing and cleaning needs
    • Superior to store bought engine degreasers
    • Maybe diluted for more sensitive exterior materials up to 15-1
    • A large 35 fluid ounce bottle

    IMPORTANT: Do not use this product on the interior of your car. Do not let this product completely dry on polished aluminum. Use only in areas that you can rinse thoroughly with fresh water. This product will remove your wax finish. NEVER use this product on HOT materials.

     For best results of all MoonShine Products, please store at room temperature

    You save 33% - $29.97 when you purchase this product by the gallon




    A great product works best when used correctly. Failure to follow these instructions may result in unsatisfactory results.

    1. NEVER apply this product to a hot engine bay or brake parts.
    2. Spray liberal amounts of MoonShine Engine Cleaner & Degreaser on all surfaces to be cleaned.
    3. Agitate areas of baked on grime as needed.
    4. Let the product work approximately 15 to 60 seconds (may differ with various temperatures and humidity)
    5. Rinse thoroughly with a sharp jet of water from your garden hose nozzle.
    6. For really caked-on deposits of grime, a second application may be necessary with more aggressive agitation.
    7. Dry surfaces as needed to prevent water spots.
    8. For a show car appearance, use MoonShine V-P-R on all rubber and Plastics.


    • Try our Multi-flex detailing brushes for a flexible brush to agitate the really tight spots.
    • This product may be diluted for use on more sensitive exterior materials.


    For best performance of all MoonShine products, please store at room


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