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MoonShine Dual Head White Nylon Detailing Brush


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If you are like the majority of car people, your tool box and drawers are filled with tools you only use now and then, but when the task presents itself, it sure is nice to have that one specific tool within reach. This little Dual Nylon Bristled Head Detailing Brush is exactly that kind of tool. You certainly won’t use it every time you wax your car (especially if you use MoonShine Products) but every so often, some issue will show up when you will be very glad you bought and added it to your collection of specific use tools.

At an overall length of seven inches, there are three rows wide of nylon bristles on one end and at the opposite end of the brush there is one row wide of nylon bristles. This is the perfect size and design combination for those little but hard to get the grime out of spaces.

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