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MoonShine 007 Detail Spray One Gallon


  • This is an awesome Detail Spray that is very easy to use and provides enviable results that produce a high gloss and a smooth as silk finish. 007 Detail Spray behaves extremely well when used in cool temperatures as well as in full sun on dark colors. Yes I did say full sun on dark colors. The only caveat is that you must spray the product on your towel in lieu of on the paint when using it in full hot sun. 007 Detail Spray provides a quick yet even evaporation time with loads of lubricity to help mitigate swirls and scratches without leaving any residue.

    Use MoonShine’s  007 Detail Spray between washes, in the sun or in the shade, at car shows or whenever you feel the need to remove light dust, smudges, and bird droppings between washings. One application of 007 Detail Spray will provide that just waxed, buttery soft and bright finish. 007 Detail Spray is also the recommended lubricant for our MoonShine Surface Cleaning Clay.  Safe for use on cured paints, clear coats, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics and chrome.

    For best results of all MoonShine Products, please store at room temperature

    You save 52% - $46. when you purchase this product by the gallon.


    A great product works best when used properly. Failure to follow these instructions may result in unsatisfactory results.

    •  Shake bottle well and store at room temperature.
    •  A little goes along way.
    •  Start at the top and work down. Do lower portions of the vehicle last as they will be the dirtiest.
    •  Mist product on to small panels at a time. Do not allow product to dry.
    •  Wipe and buff with clean ShineMaker Extra Plush microfiber towel.
    •  Turn towel frequently so you are always working with a dry and clean area of towel.
    •  To use 007 in the full sun on dark colors, spray 007 on your Microfiber in lieu of on the body panels.
    •  When your towel is, damp replace it with a dry one.


    1.   After washing, and while your vehicle is still wet, liberally spray 007 Detail Spray on one full side at a time, then dry your vehicle with a ShineMaker Waffle Weave Drying towel. This will save you a step and will add extra pop and slickness to your finishes. This process will eliminate water spots and enhance shine and feel all in one step. As a last step, follow with a quick wipe down with a MoonShine Glass Wipe for crystal clear glass and no streaks.

    2.   Boat owners: 007 is also great for wiping down your boat after a day on the water to remove water spots, grime while adding a boat load of shine.

    For best performance of all MoonShine products, please store at room temperature.

    revised 5/4/15

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