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About Us



MoonShine is a proprietary  brand of premium car care detailing products. Everything we make or sell  keeps your needs in the forefront.

Our mission is to create the foremost quality car care products in the market today, at a reasonable price. MoonShine products are formulated to perform as a team, making them superior by design. Through planned formulating and selection, each component, whether it is the chemical or a supporting tool, are meant to compliment the other. The sole purpose of this process is to provide ease of use and superb results from all our products. To further enhance the MoonShine formulation superiority, a UV sunscreen and an anti-static agent have been incorporated in all topical finishing products.

The more you use MoonShine, the more you will appreciate our commitment, to provide our customers with the most thoughtfully produced line of car care products that can be purchased.  MoonShine will always remain committed, searching for new technology, techniques and tools for future products, while continuing to evaluate our current product line for improvements.

MoonShine will consistently provide solid performing professional products that protect and beautify your investment to the highest standard. 

Although improvements to any companies products are always welcomed. MoonShine will never introduce more products for the shear sake of marketing. MoonShine’s line of car care products does and will always be a solid easy to use top performing brand that backs its claims. 

Here’s the big question; in all my conversations with hundreds of people throughout the year, the one question that is most often asked is: what makes your products different from the products I could buy at the store? Answer; the products you buy on the store shelves produced by the national companies are formulated to hit a specific price point to compete with the other national brands on the shelf. MoonShine on the other hand being a proprietary brand, formulates its products with these three thoughts in mind, 1. Overall ease of use, 2. Performance / Results,  3. For a fair price. All of our products are extensively tested by three or more people who actually use the products. All of us are our own worst enemies when it comes to perfection, and none of us are getting any younger, thus we would like to achieve great long lasting results with less effort.

If you think all Car Care Products are created equal, we invite you to try MoonShine Car Care Products.