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MoonShine #1 Premium Natural Alloy Wheel Sponge 7"- 8"


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Clean your wheels safely and thoroughly using Mother Nature’s incredible Alloy Wheel Sponge. Who would have thought that Mother Nature’s sponge would be so totally awesome at cleaning brake dust and road oils from your high dollar wheels?

The imported from the Caribbean, MoonShine Select Natural Sponge is very durable and tough, yet so very soft when wet. It holds a massive amount of soapy water and compresses to fit into all the various little spaces, including lug nut holes. And now for the COOLEST feature…....using just MoonShine Car Shampoo and warm water, this natural sponge removes the grime, and places it in the pores of the sponge, keeping the grime away from your wheels while you finish the task. Then, simply rinse the sponge in a separate bucket of clear warm water and the sponge releases all the grime into the water. The sponge literally is just as clean as it was before you subjected it to the grime. It will not stain or retain any of the brake dust or oil. You can wash microfiber and cotton numerous times after this kind of task, but they will never come completely clean from brake dust.

A little trivia: Brake dust is made up of carbon fiber, adhesives and metal filings along with accumulated oils. This concoction can be very corrosive and abrasive. Thus it is very advisable to keep it off and away from the wheels finishes.

I now use this little jewel every time I wash my wheels. It has been in service now for nine months with no signs of wear.

Try the MoonShine Natural Sponge and I believe you to will know that Mother Nature makes the best.

MoonShine #1 Select Natural Sponge measures approximately 7”- 8”

NOTE: please do not use house hold soaps or detergents with this sponge or on your wheels.

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