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MoonShine Large Boarshair Vent & Dash Brush


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With all the products on the market that claim to be great for cleaning those A/C vents, there is still the old standby.  Unless your car was just pulled from 10 years of setting in a field or barn, this Large Boars Hair Brush Vent & Dash Brush is going to be all you need to brush away the crumbs and dust from those tiny little crevices.

This handy little brush has an overall length of 10” which boasts a real finished wood handle and 2.5” long genuine blond boar’s hair. Soft enough not to induce any scratches in any of your soft materials, but stiff enough to pull the debris from where you are dusting.

There really is little more I can tell you about this indispensable little brush other than: “For the best results, use the right tool for the job”

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