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Leather & Interior Care

MoonShine Horsehair Leather & Upholstrery Scrub Brush


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Genuine Horsehair is simply the best and only type of scrub brush I would recommend to be used on Fine Leather, delicate interior fabrics, soft vinyl’s and convertible tops. Horsehair has been used for centuries to make the very best brushes and have always been prized by the people who use them. Horsehairs natural softness and durability provides you with the safest, most effective tool to lightly agitate dirt, grease and general grime from the finest natural or manmade materials.

Natural horsehair will not scuff or scratch Fine Leathers, or fray fibers of delicate fabrics including convertible top material.  If you value your cars materials, I do not recommend that you use a nylon brush of any type on any of the above-mentioned materials.

The MoonShine Horsehair Leather Brush has an easy to grip plastic block that fits very comfortably into your hand. The short bristles are grouped into thick clusters that are permanently adhered to the plastic block slightly facing forward. To clean this wonderful little brush, simply rinse with fresh water after use and hang up to dry with the hole provide at the end of the plastic block.

To achieve the best results with the least amount of work, always use the right tool for the job.

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