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Leather & Interior Care

MoonShine Fine Leather Cleaner


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    If you have Leather in your car, you obviously have excellent taste. Fine Leather with its opulent texture and alluring aroma is perhaps one of the most sensual and luxurious materials used in crafting a fine automobile.

    Caring for fine leather is equivalent to caring for your own skin. It is important for you to know that proper leather care requires two separate steps. There is no getting around it: Like your skin, leather can not be properly cleaned and conditioned in the same step.

    MoonShine Fine Leather Conditioner is formulated using only the best all-natural ingredients. Like rich with lanolin and other nurturing natural oils. These oils will re-hydrate, condition, protect and moisturize while replenishing that alluring aroma that only fine, well-maintained leather has. These rich oils are absorbed into the pores of the leather leaving a satin finish that is neither greasy nor sticky. MoonShine Fine Leather Cleanser and Fine Leather Conditioner perform so well together that we are confident that they will be your leather care system of choice.

    • All natural ingredients, lanolin, natural oils and bees wax to seal the pours
    • Completely dries
    • Buffing seals bees wax into pours

    NOTE: Please do not use this product on suede material Leather that has cracked from age and/or neglect cannot be restored with this or any other known product.

    For best performance of all MoonShine Products, please store at room temperature


  • A great product works best when used correctly. Failure to follow these instructions may result in unsatisfactory results.

    1. As with all cleaners, check for color fastness before using. If using this product for the first time, treat a small area in an inconspicuous location.

    2. Start by vacuuming all areas to be cleaned to remove any small debris.

    3. Lightly moisten a clean soft white terry cloth or preferably, use a dry horse hair brush. Spray MoonShine Fine Leather Cleanser on cloth or brush or directly onto leather and let the product work for approximately a minute or so. If the leather is heavily soiled, you may want to let the product penetrate deeper into the problem areas. Do not allow the chemical to dry.

    4. Work the cleanser in back and forth and circular motions. The cleanser should develop into a lather.

    5. With a slightly damp clean cloth, wipe and remove the cleanser from the leather. Then dry leather with a clean dry cloth. If problem areas exist, repeat the above. NOTE: For extremely dirty, un-cared for leather, use MoonShine All Purpose Interior Cleaner first, and then follow up using the leather cleanser before the conditioner. I do not recommend All Purpose Interior Cleaner as your regular leather cleaner as it could remove excessive oils from the leather. Use it only when the job is very tough.

    6. After using MoonShine Leather Cleanser, you will notice a renewed softness and supple texture along with a fresher appearance.
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