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Exterior Kits

MoonShine Clay & 007

#K 1030

You may be like a lot of other people who have not as yet tried the awesome results of claying your car’s surfaces, or maybe you have and would like to try MoonShine Surface Cleaning Clay. Wherever you stand, we highly, highly recommend this process. There truly is not another method currently known that will clean the surfaces of your car as thoroughly as clay. Even compounding or polishing will not give the end results that clay will. The proper use of clay will remove all environmental contaminates that embed themselves into your finishes-- even on glass and some smooth plastics. MoonShine Surface Cleaning Clay will leave your paintwork as smooth as a baby’s bottom, no joke! 

Clay & 007 is the ideal kit for you to become acquainted with the process while saving you a few bucks.

The MoonShine Clay & 007 Kit includes:   

  • 1  8 oz Clay Bar (fine grade)
  • 2 16 oz bottles of 007 Detail Spray & Clay Lubricant

For best performance of all MoonShine products, please store at room temperature.

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