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MoonShine Surface Cleaning Clay


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  • Regardless of how clean and perfect you think your paintwork is, if you have not clayed the surface it’s not as well prepared as it could be. Unfortunately in today’s world, if you take your car out of the garage it is going to collect harmful environmental contaminates. These very minute airborne particles consist of tiny metallic fragments from brake pad linings and rail dust which are created from friction of metal parts. Hot metallic particulates fill the air on any well-traveled road or by railroad tracks, where they ultimately land on car finishes, burning through any wax or sealant available today. These particles embed themselves on almost any finish, including glass, and are not typically removable with polishes. Their gritty texture can be felt on your paintwork which causes your micro fiber towels to drag when rubbed along a panel. If left untreated, this contamination may cause tiny rust spots on your car’s finish.

    MoonShine Surface Cleaning Clay is safe for all finishes that are smooth, including single stage paints, clear coats, chrome, aluminum, plastic and glass. Using 007 Detail Spray as a lubricant, rub this synthetic clay over the surface to remove contaminants, as well as tree sap, paint over-spray, water spots, tar and bugs.

    MoonShine Surface Cleaning Clay will provide you with ultra-smooth surfaces that will make your wax or sealant adhere better, last longer and makes the application and removal process a breeze. Our full 8oz bar of light cut clay should clean a car about 6 -15 times depending on car size and amount of contamination. We urge you to try the clay cleaning process. You are going to love the results.


    A great product works best when used properly. Failure to follow these instructions may result in unsatisfactory results.

    1. Thoroughly wash your car out of direct sun light with MoonShine Car Shampoo and dry with a ShineMaker Waffle Weave microfiber towel.
    2. Be sure to work in a shaded area. The car's paintwork should be cool to the touch.
    3. Section clay as directed in Tricks and Tips below. Before each use, fold and knead the clay to expose a fresh, unused surface.
    4. Liberally spray a small area of the car's surface with MoonShine 007 Detailer Spray/Clay Lubricant.
    5. Using moderate pressure, move the clay in back and forth motions across the surface. The grabbing you feel as the clay moves across the surface is the clay pulling contaminates off the surface.
    6. Should you drop the clay, dispose of the piece to avoid scratching any surface from grit that may have been picked up. You will be very glad you did.
    7. If you are claying the entire car, buff it clean as you go to remove any clay residue.
    8. Please Note: After the claying process your surfaces are as naked as they could be. Do not drive this car until you have applied either a wax or sealant.
    9. To avoid having the clay break down, clay is to be used only with MoonShine Clay Lubricant.


    • Save yourself some money; there is no need to use the entire 8 oz. bar. Unlike some brands of clay, MoonShine Surface Cleaning Clay is large enough to tear the bar into three or four equal pieces. Put two of them back in the jar for future use or if clay is accidentally dropped on the floor.
    • Perform a little test on your paintwork. Wash and dry your car. Place your hand inside a plastic sandwich bag and lightly run your fingertips over the paintwork. It should be smooth as glass. If you feel gritty little bumps, your cars finish is in need of MoonShine Surface Cleaning Clay.
    • For the ultimate, smooth, deep, warm gloss, apply MoonShine Pre-Wax Cleanser as your next step before you apply a coat of MoonShine Carnauba Wax. Using Pre-Wax after cleaning and before a coat of wax is applied will ensure that all oils and surface dirt are removed which will allow the wax to bond to the surface better and provide a deeper luster. The results will be truly amazing.
    • Clay your glass, especially the windshield. Follow up using MoonShine Pre-Wax Cleanser and a micro fiber towel.

    For the best performance from all MoonShine Products, please store at room temperature.

    revised 2-2-17

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