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MoonShine (single) White Foam Applicator


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While you may find many uses for this applicator, we have found it to be just right for the application of MoonShine Pre-Wax Cleanser. Its size is very comfortable to the hand, minimizing hand fatigue. The type and density of the foam allows for proper product absorption, giving the user enough product to work with effectively without product waste. In addition the density of the foam really aids the cleanser to do its job of deep cleaning and lifting contaminants away from the surface. Being white in color allows you to see just how dirty your paintwork was even after a good washing. This is a tough applicator and should last a long time if properly cleaned with soap and water after each use. We do not recommend using the same pad for more than one product type as cross chemical contamination may occur. For that reason, you may find you have a need for more than one.

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