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MoonShine Replacement Carnauba Wax Applicators (2pk)


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While you do receive an applicator with your purchase of MoonShine Carnauba Wax, sometimes things happen and the pad does not last or it mysteriously disappears before you have finished using the jar of wax. Maybe you have found another use for this great little applicator. What ever the case, we have put together a package of two to be used as you see fit.

The size, density and type of foam is specially made, for the consistency of our MoonShine Carnauba Wax. The applicator does not overly absorb the wax, aiding the user in putting down a thin, even coat, reducing product waste. Remember, thin is in when applying our wax. It was also designed to fit perfectly the opening of our wax jar. Keep a couple on hand just in case.

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