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MoonShine Multi-Flex Jr. Detailing Wheel Brush


The MoonShine Multi-Flex Jr. Detailing Wheel Brush is for sure the most effective, versatile and safe wheel and detailing brush developed to date. It has everything you could possibly want in a high quality, multi-purpose detailing brush. Originally developed for cleaning in and around the small crevices of motorcycles, it is equally as effective for cleaning wheels and other small hard-to-get to areas on your car. At half the size of Multi-Flex Sr, the Jr. version is extra special for wire wheels and smaller spaces.

Much like the rest of your car, regular thorough cleaning of your wheels is extremely important to maintain the finishes and bright new appearance. Brake dust is a highly corrosive mixture of hot brake pad dust and extremely hot metal filings from the rotors. Over time brake dust will penetrate through protective finishes and will permanently pit the metal or paint.

Soft nonabrasive 1” bristles allow you to get into the smallest of areas. The Multi-Flex has patented memory bristles that regain their original shape after every use. Simply rinse the brush in hot water and hang to dry. The bristles will regain their original shape and texture. The synthetic memory bristles are safe for all finishes including high performance unfinished alloy, coated wheels, painted or chrome wheels.

With a flexible 8” vinyl coated stem that can be bent to almost any angle, this brush will reach all the way through to the other side of your wheels and the back of the spokes. Brake dust can no longer hide in those tight little crevices any more. If all that is not enough, the ergonomic handle also sports a round rubber knuckle guard. Nice touch!

In addition to cleaning wheels, this fantastic versatile brush works equally as well on the engine bay or suspension parts. The long flexible stem and bristles allow you to go almost anywhere you could not get to otherwise. You may find other uses for such a great brush.

It is recommended that after each use you wash the Multi-Flex brush with soap and hot water to remove any brake dust, oil or grease. You will have a clean brush for the next use, prolong the life of the brush and allow the brush to regain its original shape.

The right tool for the job always makes for a more professional and easier task. This is a must-have tool for any serious car gal or guy! The Ultimate Wheel Brush.

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