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MoonShine Gray Foam Tire Dressing Applicators (2pk)


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Products work best when teamed up with the correct tool. That’s what we did here. There are many different kinds and densities of foam and all perform differently with various types of products. All of our foam products are purposefully selected to match each specific product. These Tire Dressing Applicators were specially selected just for MoonShine Tire Dressing. Their size is perfect to receive a short burst of tire dressing, minimizing the amount of over spray. The density of the foam minimizes product penetrating through to your hand and fingers yet holds enough product to get the job done. You might also note the slits in the sides of the round pads. This allows your fingers to fit inside the foam, keeping them away from the work. These applicators are easily cleaned with soap and water. We know you will find other uses for these handy applicators.

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