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MoonShine's Angled Head 20" Tire and Wheel Well Scrub Brush


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This 20” angled head scrub brush is so handy to have around. Use it under the hood, on the tires and wheels, in the wheel wells on the undercarriage or on whatever your needs might be. Save yourself from bending over so far when cleaning the tires and wheels. The angled head keeps your hands far enough away from the tires and edges of the wheel wells to keep you from busting your knuckles.

The bristles, like on the little green brush are approximately 2” long and feathered to make them soft enough for aluminum, but tuff enough to handle the big jobs.

When you finish using this brush, simply rise with clear water, shake out, and with the hole in the handle, hang to dry for the next use.

If I were to have but one brush for cleaning the outside of my car it would be this one, however having both green scrub brushes in your arsenal is the best and I doubt you would need any more.

Choose the Green T/W set, one of each green brush and save a few bucks.

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